【K】燃やせ "Burn them all"









He always knew that he could not run too far away. Every time he tried to escape, he stumbled over all those annoying desire and noises. While he would neither linger around as the so-called ‘relationship’ were far too weird and heavy for him. However beautiful a new day was, Fushimi Niki’s ghost would haunt his life, forever. No matter how hard he tried to lock himself in the windowless boxes, no matter whose patience and tenderness had he finally acquired, this was the only fact that would never change. However, it did not matter anymore. Never mind. He would not feel any pain anyway.

Ultimately, the only reason was that, what had hurt him so much more than anything else, maybe one thousand times than what he had seen before, was just in front of his eyes.

Thousands of petals taken up in the air by the wind covered the azure sky.

Before being crushed by Yata Karasu’s skateboard, they were nothing but the residue of some ordinary plants. But they were destined to be burnt. Just like he had wished for.

-- Saruhiko, have you hated anyone?
-- No.


Before being burnt down to dust, he had already lost everything he’d ever owned.



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