A Conversation in Car



Hibari Kyoya likes to start a conversation from literally nowhere. For example:

"So it's in your place."


Tsunayoshi tried to grab a clue but stopped making efforts almost at once. He didn't want to cause a car crash because of some weird and maybe meaningless distraction. Not because he still appreciated his own life --  he was on a mission assigned by Reborn, which apparently allowed no ridiculous accidents to happen.

"The earring."

"...Why? What's special about it?"

"HE complained that he couldn't find the other one in his pair."

"What? Wait...what do you mean? It's MINE. I got it from a carnival in Venice."

"Yeah. He made you believe so."


"That's what he does, isn't it?"

"I don't like this conversation. Let's stop here."

"You're doubting now."

"I am. You made me. Is this your new game? Please don't have fun with me when I'm driving. It's dangerous for both of us."

"He did do a lot of stuff during the two years you were sleeping."

"Okay let me clarify it again: I was not 'sleeping'. He knocked me out with his despicable illusion and took over my body for two whole years and half a month until Reborn came back from France which forced him to show himself before he escaped again."

"Hmm. Pretty much."

"And you did NOT stop him. You ALLOWED him to do that to me, to Vongola. You just let it happen under your nose, I can't believe it! How could you?!"

"Why bother? I have nothing to do with your family, or anyone else. I think you knew it."

"Yeah, but you could at least tell...never mind. Forget it."

"And yes it was fun."

"Hibari san!!!"

"Okay, okay. Sorry."

"Your sorry is not sincere at all."

"I am sincere."

"You're not."

"Is that your attitude towards your boyfriend?"

"You're not."

"We slept."

"You raped me."

"You enjoyed."

"I didn't!!!!!! Holy shit, I was 14 years old, I was still at the junior high! It was your school as well! Gosh, you were in charge of the discipline of the whole school, how could you just..."

"Oh by the way, he enjoyed, too."

"What? Who? ... wait, don't tell me..."

"Just in case. I suppose you'd like to know."

"Wh...What the hell did you do, Hibari san?!"

"Well...I was not sure who it was at the beginning so I guess I had to fuck you both."

"What do you mean by you HAD TO??? Oh shit...it was my body!! No, I mean, why were  you willing to do that even when you knew it could be him..."

"Made no difference. Oh maybe a little. He seemed to be...kind of better than you in bed. More experienced? I guess."

"For god's sake, I don't want to know that! You beasts!!"

"Wow you're counting him in. He would be glad."

"I'll call this mission off right now! I don't want to be with you anymore!!"

"No you can't. You're the only person in the world who can find him in the crowd, that's why your tutor sent you rather than anyone else."

"I still don't understand why you're coming. You always hate staying with other human beings."

"Well, two will be still acceptable. I want to find him anyway."

"What for? The cherry blossoms?"

"You have a death wish now?"

"Sorry, I thought you wouldn't mind after so many years."

"Not so fast."

"So...what are you planning to do with him if I really find Mukuro?"

"You'll see."

"Please, I'm nervous already."

"You should be."

"Please don't kill him. Or me."

"I can promise nothing."

"Hibari san..."

"Focus. You're driving."



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